Welcome! My work on this website includes everything aquatic, from artificial reefs, aquatic invasive species, and creative works dealing with topics in ecology. I have my most recent papers, presentations, pictures, and videos from various aquatic ecology adventures. My goal with this website is to provide the curious, the researcher, the student, and anyone interested in environmental science with my knowledge, findings, and own hypotheses related to aquatic ecology!

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The Olcott Reef

Much of my interest and recent research deals with the Olcott Reef, a manmade attractor reef located in southwestern Lake Ontario near Olcott, New York. The reef was constructed in 1982 as a joint effort between the Town of Newfane and the Niagara County Fisheries Advisory Board. The goal of the fishermen who built the reef was to attract lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) spawning.

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